Tuesday, 16 October 2012

When I Get A Sale!

I always feel very lucky when somebody buys my bows but i love giving them away too! I just want people to wear them! So i've given another couple away to a very lovely person and i wanted to give you an insight to my little way of sending them off!

'Old Red Boots' or Lauren should i say is the lovely person i am talking about! She is amazing! So beautiful and talented!
Anyway she's another beautiful lady that has helped me with my blog so i've sent her a little (well it was quite big actually) bow as a thank you and also another smaller bow as a giveaway if she wants to! Here they are!

this is the bow for her, it's larger than my usual bows because she wanted a big one!

and this is the other one which she can do whatever she wishes with!

When i've made the bows i make sure they're all primped and proper and not folded in the wrong way when i've put them aside with the rest of them. I check the stitching and the material and get ready to send them off!

First of all i wrap them up in tissue/crepe paper! I have a beautiful baby blue one that I've been using to package them and i just fold them up like a normal little present!
Next i wrap them up either in string or ribbon! and tie it with a bow!

When i send a bow off I always feel the need to write a little note.. so that is what i do! I have a little collection of mini envelopes so i hand-write a personalised note, slip it in a little envelope with some pink delicate paper in front and seal it up!

So basically when you unwrap the parcel package you should find something like this!

i send all my parcels first class no matter what country they go to so that's what i did this afternoon! Sent these two beautiful bows off to the beautiful Lauren!

I can't wait to see her wearing them!!

Thank you for reading! Have a really good day!!

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