Thursday, 4 October 2012


I wanted to write a post about my little town. I live in Rochester in Kent, England.
Since I was young I've always wanted to live in Rochester and 6 months ago my boyfriend and I moved into an apartment block in the heart of Rochester. There is so much to say about Rochester, it's historic, it's beautiful and it has the most warming sense of community.

This is Rochester Cathedral. All of the area in the background to the left is Chatham (that's not so great). Rochester Cathedral started being built in 1079 and it is truly beautiful! This picture was taken by me from Rochester Castle.. and here is Rochester Castle!

My boyfriend is particularly smitten by Rochester Castle and it is an incredible structure! On our last visit we went inside the castle and i took lots of pictures! 

and now some different photographs

I'm also a fan of Charles ll just because Horrible Histories is my life, my boyfriend and i went to Restoration House which is a 2 minute walk from my home (amazing). Charles ll stayed here for one night during the Restoration of the Monarchy! We went inside the house and gardens but they took my camera from me so i wasn't allowed to take any pictures boo!

I could tell you more about Rochester but that will do for now because this has become very long! 
Thanks for reading!!!

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