Thursday, 4 October 2012

104 views in under 24 hours?!

So that's pretty incredible i think..
I've never used 'blogger' before so i'm really still fine tuning everything that i need to but i like the look of my blog as it is in it's most basic format so i'm just gonna go forward with it and focus on cool features another time!

I've made a total of 41 bows so far and 36 are still available! 

I though i'd give you a run down on how i make them and what makes them as cute as they are!

Step one: Choosing the cutest fabrics!
Choosing the fabrics is one of my favourite things about making my bows. I'm always inclined to go to small fabric retailers in my town rather than ordering from wholesalers, simply for the fact that I don't need that much of the material! I normally buy half a metre of the fabric I choose or if it's a plain poly-cotton I sometimes buy a whole metre just because its very versatile and easy to use.. and cheap! Sometimes you'll find little baskets in fabric shops with scraps of material in them, those are absolutely perfect!

Step two: Choosing the cutest ribbons!
My advice for choosing ribbons is to avoid very thin delicate ribbons! During the process of making the bows there is a lot of folding and tucking and the rough edges are covered by the ribbon its the beauty of having the ribbon to hold the material together! But if you have thin ribbon (e.g my baby animal ribbon) it's very very tricky to get everything to stay where it should and not poke out of the sides. 

Step three: Preparing the fabric!
To prepare my fabric I literally just lay it on my kitchen table and use my scissors to cut how long I think they should be. All of my pieces of fabric are different sizes as I don't measure the fabric; the reason I don't measure it is because I want all of my bows to be different! I never make the same bow twice so you'll see that I've put the sizes on each listing! They're all unique.. and that's a bit beautiful in itself!

From this point I machine stitch the ribbon onto the fabric, just a normal straight stitch I've found a satin stitch really snags the fabric! And if you've seen bow tutorials before it's the simple folding technique. I use snap clips as the clips for my bows because they're very strong and easy to bend to make stronger. 

If you have any questions about my bows at all please don't hesitate to ask!
I welcome custom orders with open arms also! I love a bow challenge!

I'll post some pictures of my bows throughout the day!

Thanks for reading! xx

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