Friday, 28 December 2012


I'm sorry i haven't been writing on here very often but i became very uninspired and very busy at work! Essentially i am thinking about finishing this blog and closing up my shop... but i still have a living room full of bows

What would be the best thing to do? I'm thinking about taking down prices or doing a buy one get one free thing.. 

Who wants bows PLEASE relieve me of them!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Dickens Festival!

So guys and dolls, Dickens festival was today and Daisy and I went out and sold our bows and cards!! 

We got into Rochester for about 8:30am and it was very very cold! Daisy brought her lovely canvases (my one she let me keep which is very lovely of her!!) and we started setting up

The highstreet was dead until about 10am and after that it was so packed you couldnt take a clear picture so here is quiet rochester and Daisy being silly

thats pretty much all i have from the day.. im sure Daisy has more and will post it in the next couple of days!! 

thanks for reading!!

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