Friday, 19 October 2012

Look What I Bought Today!

ELMO JAMMYS! I am SO happy i got these there were only a few sizes left so i snatched up mine quickly before anyone else could!

Look how cute he is!!!

best thing i've bought for a long time!! yaaaayyy

I also have a cool story to tell you! I found a skirt that i liked and on the label it said 'broken zip no return £1.80' so i thought YEP MINE! bought it and the lady who served me put it through her til as £1 !!! Lucky! So i went to a fabric shop and bought an 80p zip!! Then when i got home i removed the old zip and put the new one in! So simple and so worth it!! I love my new skirt!!

thanks for reading!!!


  1. I love these pjs, I totally need to invest in a new pair for winter though. Where did you get them? I love finding broken things at charity shops, although it means I have a massive pile that I haven't got round to altering yet :S I just can't resist a good bargain though xo

  2. you cutie, i cant wait for monday!


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