Thursday, 18 October 2012

I Bought Some New Fabric and Ribbons...

I thought you would like to see it before i made any bows! I cut the fabric already to save me time when i make them but i will be making larger bows with these ones as they're starting to become more popular!

I love this fabric! It's so beautiful and simple!

This one is quite festive but also quite rustic! I really love the birds!

This fabric is really nice! I haven't found a musical note piece of fabric as nice as this one! I really love the faded effect and i can't wait to make bows from this!!

Here is all the ribbon i bought!

I love cream ribbon as it goes with so many types of fabric i have bought! I bought this 'Made in Britain' one which i LOVE! Also a plain glossy one and a ribbed one! I love these ribbons!! I also bought a baby pink glossy ribbon as i wanted to make more exciting retro bows from my pink fabric and this would really compliment them well! I also treated myself to some more gingham ribbon as it's gorgeous!

I must remember to put my old plastic flowers on some bows too! I love them!

thanks for reading!!


  1. Love that bird fabric. It's so sweet!

  2. Ooooo!! Fabric! I love fabric! I used to sew a lot back home in New Zealand, but I haven't found a cheap fabric store here yet where I live in the UK. Especially love the music fabric!!


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