Tuesday, 9 October 2012

That Dress I Was Going On About..

It Arrived!!

So yesterday morning i woke up super early at 7am so we could leave to go to the post office when it opened at 8am! We missed my H&M goodies because we went to help some little ones with some colouring at work!
So i practically ran to the post office and snatched up my package! And here it is!!

(I apologise for the photograph quality i was rushing out to London and couldn't be bothered to get my camera out!)
Isn't it beautiful!! It's about knee length and it has a lovely high lace neck! The sleeves are so beautiful and delicate and it's very light and soft! It doesn't have any particular shape to it but i'm not a fan of dresses hugging me! I have a boyfriend to do that!

It's also very see-through!! It's a definite plain white underwear dress no exceptions!!

It's doesn't have zips or anything just one tiny old fashioned button at the top to pull the neck together! For £29.99 it is an amazing purchase and i recommend it highly! If you love the old fashioned fully covered look as much as i do you'll look beautiful in this silky number! It's quite difficult to match shoes and accessories to but i think a traditional pump and headband would work very well.. or one of my cute bows!!

thanks for reading!!

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