Thursday, 11 October 2012


Matthew and I went to London on Monday and we had the best time! First we got the train from Rochester; the lovely town we live in. We chose to go to London Bridge station which takes just over an hour on the train from where we live. We're very lucky to live so close to London!
We both got Travel-cards which are a nifty little ticket that lets you go on any train to and from London and all underground tubes in all the zones! These cost just £19.60!
When we arrived in London our first stop was London Dungeons!
London Dungeons is a very famous attraction for tourists and locals which is built into the station walls and underground!

It's quite expensive to get into these attractions! Per adult is £24 but we had two half price tickets which meant we only had to pay for one adult!! Lucky!!
So basically you go in, queue up for a bit and have your picture taken that you collect at the end for £10 or you can just leave it but it's a nice memento! 
here's ours.. 

The lighting on this picture is a bit.. well it's terrible but it's because i took it from my phone, I forgot to bring my scanner in the move! But its an A4 print and it's really lovely.. and so so funny!
After this part you walk through and pay, then you begin the tour! It's filled with little stories and actors jumping out at you to tell you the history of London.. all the gory bits!! There are also rides! The first ride is a boat ride through the Great Fire of London part! This tells of the story of the great fire in 1666 and there's lots of smoke and screaming sounds and things it's very good! You are led to a boat and sit in it where you're told. Then the boat takes you away moving around and going through water and it spins around and you're dropped backwards through water as if you're falling off a bridge! Water is sprayed everywhere and it's very fast!
The next ride is a 5D Lazer Ghost Killing ride which was.. just.. AMAZING! You are sat in a chair and made to wear special lazer glasses like the old fashioned 3D specs! You're invited to a seance by this victorian style family on screen and ghosts start appearing and things start flying around on the screen and you have to use a special gun to shoot lazers at the ghosts! It spins around really fast and you have to try and shoot them all!
The last ride is a scary one! You are all sat in a line and charged with crimes! It then tells you that you're all sentenced to death and the ride drops straight down like you're being hanged! It's very jumpy! They take your photo on this part too but Matt and I were on separate screens which is a shame! 

After we collected our picture we jumped on the tube again and went to Madame Tussaud's! Madame Tussaud was a lady that made wax models of lots of people during the time she was alive. She would made death masks of people who died during the French Revolution; mostly the aristocrats and noblemen so they could keep a visual record of them! A bit morbid i know but it's not like that now!
Now they have celebrities and famous historical leaders and things! It's a great place to visit too but its pricey! £30 each but because of our tickets we only paid half again!
We bought some disposables too so here are some of our pictures!


They have an excellent Marvel section so me and Matt went absolutely mad and had pictures with everything! They also have a 4D Avengers film to watch! It was so so good i want to go again just to see the film!!

Me looking very mysterious next to Nick Fury

Matt being felt up by the Hulk!

Matt pulling his best Elvis mouth there haha! Oh i love him!

Me with Jimi!

Me kissing George!

Matt just being thrilled to be near anything Beatles related!

Alfred Hitchcock and me .. bonding 

Matt swearing at our Prime Minister haha!

Me with Robert Downey Jr. and Russell Brand!

We took lots of other pictures too but we still have space on that camera so we're saving it! After this we went for a meal and went to some shops!
It was a really lovely day and hopefully i'll have more pictures to share soon!

Thanks for reading!


  1. WOW! Looks like you had a fantastic time!!!!
    I love London, but I haven't been to Madame Tussaud's yet. One day though!

    1. you really should! it's quite expensive but a great experience!!

  2. That's awesome! Looks like you all had a lot of fun!


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