Friday, 5 October 2012

My Latest Purchases and Presents!!

My boyfriend has been especially cheeky recently and spoiled me rotten!! 

I've been eyeing up this bag for WEEKS and finally got paid today! But we stopped by Matalan yesterday and my boyfriend offered to buy it! It's SO beautiful!!!
It's very comfortable and very very strong! It's faux tan leather and has lovely popper pockets and an adjustable strap!

and it fits SO much inside its just .. amazing! I feel like Mary Poppins!!
P.S who loves my Kermit purse!!

My boyfriend also treated me to two beautiful things from H&M recently that i'd been looking at! They should have arrived today but they didn't come grrr!!

This beautiful dress was £29.99 and i am so in love with it! I'm just picturing myself as Cathy in Wuthering Heights running through the Moors while i wear it.. mmmm

Also a nightslip it's so beautiful and redonkulously cheap! Just £14.99

He also bought me an adorable Animal Figure from Forbidden Planet and a Hogwarts badge when he went for a conference in London!! 
He is so adorable i'm a HUGE Muppets fan!!!

Today i went out and bought myself a new dress for £20 from Primark! It is beautiful!! Excuse this awful picture of me i fell asleep on the sofa and my boyfriend was on his way out for a meal with his Mumma so i asked him to snap a quick picture on my phone!

I also bought a little black shirt and some tights aswell but you don't need to see those!!

Thanks for reading!!

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