Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I Have A Very Special Treat For You!

So! Beautiful Daisy ( ) and I are actually real life friends! Not internet friends, we are legit! And we've been talking between ourselves about collaborating! I made up some prints from her beautiful art and today took the liberty of making the beautiful process happen! So here it is... 

First things first i chose the images from Daisy that i wanted to use. To be honest this was really hard as all of her illustrations are adorable! But i eventually chose two!

see what i mean? She's freakin' amaze-balls!

And i began my process! Tiling the images onto a silly paint document because i'm too poor for photoshop boo hoo. 

Then i copied that over onto a word document and printed it on tranfer paper! It's pretty simple from there you just grab some white fabric, iron out all its creases and iron the transfer on! I did the first one without thinking to take a picture so here it is all transfered!

and the second one..

from this point the only thing to do is cut them out! (I also did a Moonrise Kingdom one for myself so just pretend you don't see that.. it's mine all mine haaaa)

so this is my new fabric! Isn't it beautiful! I'm so excited about working with Daisy's art i can't contain my excitement!!

So to cut a long story short.. I made a bow! Only one so far, i will make the other one soon! I'm sure you all know the process of making a bow, there are tutorials all over YouTube  I took the liberty of not stitching ribbon over the centre of the ribbon as i didn't want to busy the beautiful images! So with little else to tell you.. here it is!

I'm leaving the decision to Daisy as to what to do with the bows i make from her art but as you can see.. this bow is absolutely to die for! Every part of it is cute! 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Shut up. I absolutely love her art and would definitely buy some bows like this!

    1. well i've made three! it's all up to Dais to decide what she wants to do with them!

  2. SO amazing!!! I love these!! The cuteness is adorable and the bow is always!!
    I'm too poor for Photoshop too (but my friend actually had to buy it for me...sad), but I also use a programme called PhotoScape. It's free and you can just download it. It's really simple, but really great at the same time, and better than paint. I might help with projects like this one! :D


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