Friday, 28 December 2012


I'm sorry i haven't been writing on here very often but i became very uninspired and very busy at work! Essentially i am thinking about finishing this blog and closing up my shop... but i still have a living room full of bows

What would be the best thing to do? I'm thinking about taking down prices or doing a buy one get one free thing.. 

Who wants bows PLEASE relieve me of them!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Dickens Festival!

So guys and dolls, Dickens festival was today and Daisy and I went out and sold our bows and cards!! 

We got into Rochester for about 8:30am and it was very very cold! Daisy brought her lovely canvases (my one she let me keep which is very lovely of her!!) and we started setting up

The highstreet was dead until about 10am and after that it was so packed you couldnt take a clear picture so here is quiet rochester and Daisy being silly

thats pretty much all i have from the day.. im sure Daisy has more and will post it in the next couple of days!! 

thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Spent Last Night In Hospital! (beware beware my first ranty post)

So i won't post any pictures on this post for a reason that will become clear to you very soon.
Last night my supervisor at the cinema accidently shut my finger in a metal runner mechanism and it cracked open my fingernail and basically (without being too graphic) went up into my finger a little. It bled a lot and im so so shakey about blood so i was a bit of a wreck.
I was driven to hospital by a total sweetheart at work just to make sure it wasn't fractured or broken and my absolute dream of a boyfriend met us there and looked after me. He brought my favourite Muppet toy, cuddly blanket, favourite snacks, drink and books just because we knew it would be a long wait in hospital! But just over 2 hours later we were seen to and everything was fine, just need to be careful and keep it clean!

Now here is where my rant begins..

In the U.K and i assume most of my readers are from the U.S of A and thus won't have this or know very much about this, we have the NHS.
The NHS is the National Health Service which luckily gives United Kingdom residents free health care and extreme cuts on medicine prices.
I cannot stress how much i LOVE the NHS and everything they've done for my family. But no doubt when you go to Accident and Emergency in any local hospital here you will get nothing but COMPLAINTS! People in my town are so rude and so viscous at such a charitable organisation. People complain about everything. Waiting times, Cleanliness standards, uncomfortable chairs, staff and nurses. Literally i spent 2 hours waiting in a spotless room which was cleaned at least 4 times in the space of time i was sitting there. The chairs aren't luxury but we pay taxes for a reason to get this service (and the majority of the people waiting just looked liked they'd never paid in their life but thats another story for another time) and the chairs wont be the best quality because they're used so frequently by all of the unwell people of this town! Two hours is an average time to wait because it was 1am and they like never close, staff are on call all the time! The staff i saw were funny and lovely and charming and the nurse was patient and caring and so lovely.
I don't understand why people complain about free health care.. it's FREE HEALTH CARE! FREE HEALTH CARE DAMNIT FREE HEALTH CARE!

oh lord i'll rant for years i'll stop here
but please enlighten me about how you feel about this issue! How is it in america??? I can't even begin to imagine!

Thanks for reading!!
(this took so long to write due to my goofy finger haha!)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Who Wants To See My New Business Cards?

My gorgeous boyfriend bought me my first set of business cards last week and they arrived last night!! They're beautiful!!

and the back...

very simple but i think very beautiful! They're my babies, I just love them!

Only have 5 days to go until Dickens festival and i am unbelievably excited!!

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dickens Festival Progress!

So i've made 94 bows for Dickens Festival in about 3 days and here they are..

Daisy has been absolutley bloody amazing and has used her incredible skills to make some advertising boards for our stall! Here they are..

How incredible is she! I am so so so excited for this stall i'm practically jumping around my living room right now!
Go check our Daisys blog to see her beautiful cards!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Adorable Music Note 'Made In Britain' Bow

this is my 'Adorable Music Note 'Made in Britain' Bow

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Red music note cotton bow with cream made in britain ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

12.5cm (w)
11cm (h) point to point

I Am An Awful Blogger!

I feel just awful that i haven't posted anything in a days!! I've just been very busy with work yet again.. story of my life!

You see this week a rather large and exciting saga franchise released their final movie which has sold out most of our screens pretty much every day.. can you guess what it is?

Okay now i know it's not 'cool' to like the Twilight Saga but let's face it i'm not cool and i love it! There's something about it that just draws me in and i know the first movie was just awful but they get better! And this movie.. took my breath away!

It was literally everything that i wanted them to do with it and more! I won't tell you exactly what happens incase you haven't seen it and are going to but it's truly amazing! Such a perfect movie ending to a rather disappointing book ending.

I realise this isn't a Bow related thing but i'm up to my eyes in bows at the moment, making them for the festival which is just two weeks away! I've made around 60 new bows and i still have to make it up to 100, i will show you them all once they're made just be patient with me! I've not disappeared! I'm just snowed under a little bit!

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Adorable Retro Pink Hummingbird VW Bow

this is my 'Adorable Retro Pink Hummingbird VW Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Baby pink hummingbird retro cotton bow with cute pink VW campervan ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

13.4cm (w)
11.5cm (h) point to point

Meet Sandy

He's a Russian Toy and he's so crazy! He belongs to my nan but he's my little prince!

Just spent the day trying to chase him and snuggle him but he just bites my hair and nips my feet! You have no idea how long it took to get him to slow down to take a picture!

Thanks for reading!


or my living room at least!

So we've got my original bows and second and third generation of bows in the centre, its a tall pile. On the right we've got my fourth generation bows the larger ones as you can see! On top of the Beatles boxes we've got gift bows for my family and the Bouxwho bows.

On the left on top of the record player we have my new bows! These ones however aren't being listed online! Daisy (Bouxwho) Watson and I are going to be holding a little stall in my town of Rochester! Every Winter Rochester hosts a mini festival; Dickens Festival! This is because Charles Dickens (the wildly famous author) lived in Rochester for a long time and many locations in his books are actually based on places in Rochester!! How cool is that!

Anyway yeah every Winter Dickens festival happens and a fair few people dress up as Dickensian people and walk around the town basically up and down the highstreet taking pictures and being all old fashioned! Shops have stalls and there's lots of yummy food places to eat! They always have a snow machine and it's such a beautiful thing to experience!

So Daisy and I are setting up shop in my dads shop doorway and we're selling our products! I'm making 100+ bows to sell and Daisy is making Christmas Cards to sell with her illustrations on!!

I'm very excited about this and i'm sure we will take lots and lots of pictures on the day so you can see just how successful we were! 

Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Belated Halloween

Matthew and I were both working so much over Halloween we didn't get a chance to carve our pumpkin! We settled down this evening to carve it and what else would we carve.. come on guys


we love him very much! Didn't it turn out well! I'm so proud!

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A little thank you to some bloggers..

Since i've started my blog a lot of people have been kind enough to lend me a helping hand and i'm so greatful! So let me explain how thankful i am!


Daisy was the first beautiful person to convince me to get a blog so she's the reason i'm here basically! She's always there for me to help out if i need some help (because i'm terrible with computers) Shes the loveliest, kindest girl you can ever know and she's fucking mindblowingly talented. Going to college with her was both a delight and a nightmare, she would always draw the most beautiful things and make your things look like a pile of scribbles! She's fantastic and such a good friend!


Nikki is quite new to blogging but she is freaking amazing with a biro. I've literally never known anyone to make something so beautiful just straight from her pretty little head! She has a very unique and stunning style and drew a very cool picture of me recently; heres the picture!

isn't it just incredible! I wanna start collaborating together with her to make some bows from her designs so expect that in the future!
Nikki is so sweet and lovely and has been a huge help with my blog, she's really an amazing artist please take time to check out her work!!


Karen has been beyond my rock throughout this whole thing! She was the first person to reply to an email i sent out and has been so lovely and kind all the way along! She was the first person i sent bows to and she is unbelievably beautiful i just wanna squeeze her! Her blog is so addictive and i love reading everything she writes! Her etsy is stunning and she is such a genuinely kind, warm hearted person! Although she lives thousands of miles away from me i feel like shes been next to me the whole time i've been building up my baby business! I just love her!


Every time i look at her blog, even if i'm having the worst day, it will ALWAYS cheer me up! She is just the cutest, prettiest, loveliest person! She is so complimentary about my bows and is always willing to help me edge forward with my blog and shop! She's amazing and her blog is so adorable!! Please go follow her, she will light up even your darkest day!


I love reading Adrian's blog and she is so damn gorgeous! She has been amazingly kind enough to buy my bows also and i'm so thrilled because i am so in love with everything she wears, i can't quite believe she wanted to have something i'd made! Please go look at her blog she's amazing and her blog is addictive!!

There are definitely more people that have helped me out and are always commenting on my blog posts and giving me the boost i need to continue posting every day even when i'm exhauted!

The Adorable Anjali!

The Stunning Louise Amabilis (i just .. gawd shes beautiful isnt she)

I think that is everyone for now but don't chase me with torches and pitchforks if i'm forgotten you, you still all rock and blow my mind! Thank you everyone for being so kind and lovely to me! I love you all!!

thanks for reading 

Long time no see beautiful people!

I told you i would try and keep you informed and up to date with Those Bow Times but my personal life has really really taken over! I don't know if i let you know properly but last week was half term in England for schools which means kids are set loose and wild! They apparently love going to the cinema.
Where i work.
We were ridiculously busy and i worked 10 days in a row! around 55-60 hours in total working and i am.. for want of a childish word.. pooped!

I am so tired and so exhausted and i can't quite believe i'm still alive after working so hard! 

So i am back! I have a reasonable amount of days off a week once again and i can focus on my own personal life and not worry about film times and ticket prices and turnovers! Lord save me!

I'm really excited to be posting on here once again and i want to give a little shout out to some people that have been very very nice to me since i started my blog! Look out for that to be posted very soon!!

Thanks for reading xx

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Adorable Baby Pink Polka Dot Bow

this is my 'Adorable Baby Pink Polka Dot Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Baby pink polka dot cotton bow with cream ribbed ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

12.5cm (w)
8.6cm (h) point to point

Adorable Baby Blue Bow

this is my 'Adorable Baby Blue Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Baby Blue polycotton bow with snow flake and heart cream ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

7.3cm (w)
5.2cm (h) point to point

Adorable Preppy Pattern Bow

this is my 'Adorable Preppy Pattern Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Georgian-style pattern polycotton bow with baby pink gingham ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

8cm (w)
5.4cm (h) point to point

Adorable Christmas White and Red Bow

This is my 'Adorable Christmas White and Red Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
White polycotton bow with red and cream christmas ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

6.2cm(h) point to point

Friday, 26 October 2012

I Forgot To Show You Something!

Look what my lovely boyfriend treated me to yesterday!

aren't they beautiful!!
he also bought me this little keyring! Isn't it great!

baby Thor!! I love it!
What a lucky girl i am! 

Thanks for reading!!

Special Offer Trial!

I'm going to be trialling a special offer specifically for blog owners for just 2 weeks!

The offer will start today; the 26th of October
and will finish November 9th

If you buy two bows from my shop, i will give you a third completely free!
(the free bow being of equal or lower value to the cheapest bow of the two purchased)

You must be following my blog to qualify for the offer
if you leave your blog url in the comment section when ordering bows, only then will i contact you to ask which bow you would like for free

So if you bought one £2.50 bow .. and one £3.00 bow..
another £2.50 or lower price bow would be available for free!

and if you bought two £5.00 bows
any lower price bow would be available for free

I'm only trialling this because it's a bit complicated on the face of it and i want to see if people are interested!

Please comment and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading


I decided to bake some simple cupcakes! They're very yummy!

I took the cupcake out of the casing far too early that's why half was left inside! Oopsie!

How weird is this!! I took the cupcake out and this is what was left inside the casing!! it looks just like coral! 

and i plan to eat every single one!

Thanks for reading!

Hey Beautiful Ones!

I have remained true to my promise and all of my new bows are now listed on my etsy shop!

Please go and browse them, they're my favourite ones yet!!

i hope you like them!
Thanks for reading!!

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