Sunday, 28 October 2012

Adorable Baby Pink Polka Dot Bow

this is my 'Adorable Baby Pink Polka Dot Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Baby pink polka dot cotton bow with cream ribbed ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

12.5cm (w)
8.6cm (h) point to point

Adorable Baby Blue Bow

this is my 'Adorable Baby Blue Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Baby Blue polycotton bow with snow flake and heart cream ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

7.3cm (w)
5.2cm (h) point to point

Adorable Preppy Pattern Bow

this is my 'Adorable Preppy Pattern Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Georgian-style pattern polycotton bow with baby pink gingham ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

8cm (w)
5.4cm (h) point to point

Adorable Christmas White and Red Bow

This is my 'Adorable Christmas White and Red Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
White polycotton bow with red and cream christmas ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

6.2cm(h) point to point

Friday, 26 October 2012

I Forgot To Show You Something!

Look what my lovely boyfriend treated me to yesterday!

aren't they beautiful!!
he also bought me this little keyring! Isn't it great!

baby Thor!! I love it!
What a lucky girl i am! 

Thanks for reading!!

Special Offer Trial!

I'm going to be trialling a special offer specifically for blog owners for just 2 weeks!

The offer will start today; the 26th of October
and will finish November 9th

If you buy two bows from my shop, i will give you a third completely free!
(the free bow being of equal or lower value to the cheapest bow of the two purchased)

You must be following my blog to qualify for the offer
if you leave your blog url in the comment section when ordering bows, only then will i contact you to ask which bow you would like for free

So if you bought one £2.50 bow .. and one £3.00 bow..
another £2.50 or lower price bow would be available for free!

and if you bought two £5.00 bows
any lower price bow would be available for free

I'm only trialling this because it's a bit complicated on the face of it and i want to see if people are interested!

Please comment and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading


I decided to bake some simple cupcakes! They're very yummy!

I took the cupcake out of the casing far too early that's why half was left inside! Oopsie!

How weird is this!! I took the cupcake out and this is what was left inside the casing!! it looks just like coral! 

and i plan to eat every single one!

Thanks for reading!

Hey Beautiful Ones!

I have remained true to my promise and all of my new bows are now listed on my etsy shop!

Please go and browse them, they're my favourite ones yet!!

i hope you like them!
Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

And the winner is...

Anjali Kemp!

Congratulations Anjali! Make sure to send me your address so i can get your bow to you! Send me a private message through the facebook page!

thanks everyone for entering and keep your eyes peeled for more entries!! 

I finally reached my 1000th view!

I am so thrilled about it and have been waiting for it to just push over the 1000th the last couple of days!! I have 1010 views at the moment and i couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for all your support and help everyone that has helped me fix up my blog! I love you all!

And.. as a treat.. here is a sneak peak at all my new bows!

I have lots of new fabric and lots of new ribbons to show you! I will be listing all of these bows tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hey Guys..

Hey beautiful ones. Sorry i haven't been writing or posting pictures so much lately it's just a very stressful time for me right now and i've had no time! I want to make more bows and list the new ones i've made but i'm working so so much all i want to do on my days off is snuggle and watch movies! I am trying and i will work extra super hard to get them all listed soon i promise!!

I still have my giveaway running right now which still only has 3 people that have entered it! Madness i'm giving you a beautiful bow guys!!

Also i'm starting to think that i want to sell all of my bows out so i can have a constant rotation of new items but i need a nice way to entice people!! So i'm thinking maybe like 'buy two bows get one free' type of things? That would shift them! Because right now they're all over my living room furniture crying out to be loved!

I will get back into updating every day soon i swear but right now i'm just a little worked up over some things and very exhausted and just need cuddles!
I hope you like my new backround by the way, i'm a sucker for Willow patterns

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Look What I Bought Today!

ELMO JAMMYS! I am SO happy i got these there were only a few sizes left so i snatched up mine quickly before anyone else could!

Look how cute he is!!!

best thing i've bought for a long time!! yaaaayyy

I also have a cool story to tell you! I found a skirt that i liked and on the label it said 'broken zip no return £1.80' so i thought YEP MINE! bought it and the lady who served me put it through her til as £1 !!! Lucky! So i went to a fabric shop and bought an 80p zip!! Then when i got home i removed the old zip and put the new one in! So simple and so worth it!! I love my new skirt!!

thanks for reading!!!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Adorable Russian Doll Bow

this is my 'Adorable Russian Doll Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Russian doll cotton bow with velvet red ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
I don't recommend you wash this or get it wet!

9.2cm (w)
6.4cm (h) point to point

I Draw Sometimes..

This is something i drew in college
It's Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson
I really like this and still have it.. i threw the majority of my art away which is a bit silly i know but i'm not going to make a career out of it and it just took up space!

I think i should draw more

I'm a Bit Obsessed Over a Little Handsome Guy Right Now..


I bet you didn't know where this blog post was going when you saw the title.. but no, i'm still a 19 year old obsesses with puppets yaaayyy 

As a result of this new found obsession i've been scouring the internet for elmo things! and look what i've found...

i think you can all guess what i'm buying when i get paid!!

i am such a child

I Bought Some New Fabric and Ribbons...

I thought you would like to see it before i made any bows! I cut the fabric already to save me time when i make them but i will be making larger bows with these ones as they're starting to become more popular!

I love this fabric! It's so beautiful and simple!

This one is quite festive but also quite rustic! I really love the birds!

This fabric is really nice! I haven't found a musical note piece of fabric as nice as this one! I really love the faded effect and i can't wait to make bows from this!!

Here is all the ribbon i bought!

I love cream ribbon as it goes with so many types of fabric i have bought! I bought this 'Made in Britain' one which i LOVE! Also a plain glossy one and a ribbed one! I love these ribbons!! I also bought a baby pink glossy ribbon as i wanted to make more exciting retro bows from my pink fabric and this would really compliment them well! I also treated myself to some more gingham ribbon as it's gorgeous!

I must remember to put my old plastic flowers on some bows too! I love them!

thanks for reading!!

Does no-one want my bow?

I've put up a giveaway for my bow guys!! I don't mind if you already have bought a bow or i've given you one before i want lots of people to have a chance to win it! It's a very pretty bow!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

GIVEAWAY! Adorable Large Red Gingham Bow

This is 'my' first giveaway! Other bloggers are giving away my bows too so keep your eyes peeled for those!

This is my 'Adorable Large Red Gingham Bow!!"

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Red Gingham polycotton bow with beautiful hand made with love ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

11.4cm (w)
8.5cm (h) point to point



Daisy and I have three adorable bows to sell! Here they are!

they're all available now on my etsy shop! 

please visit and follow Daisy 'Bouxwho' Watson!!

My Home

I look at everyone else's blogs and they're very personal! So i thought that i would start posting things to do with me and my life as well as my beautiful bows!

My first idea was to take pictures of things around my home and post them so you can understand a bit more about me! I live with my boyfriend Matthew in Rochester in Kent, England! It's such a beautiful town i love it so much! We fell in love with our apartment as soon as we saw it and just had to have it! It's only a one bedroom place but it's quite big and the bills are very affordable which is very lucky as like i said... i work in a cinema! Matthew also works in the cinema (as my manager hahaha!) That's not how i got the job by the way! When i started he was a Supervisor and has since got a promotion! I'm very proud of him!

Anyway back to our home!

this is my etch a sketch and my animal! I used to use my etch a sketch to practice my typography when i was at college! I'm officially an etch a sketch master!
Also you can see my animal that Matthew bought me! I LOVE the Muppets so much and i love Animal!!! You can also see some of my Dali books! I was a bit obsessed when i was at college and fell in love with his art!

Here's a selection of the popular DVDS in our house! Marie Antoinette is one of my favourite films ever as well as The Royal Tenenbaums, The Help and Almost Famous! As i've said we LOVE the Muppets so here we have series one and two! We also have series three but i'm not sure where i've put it! The new Muppets movie is here too because we watch it a lot! Also Elmo in Grouchland, a film i am so in love with!! I am a huge Horrible Histories fan and love love love the series so much!!!

This is our hallway! We have a little welcome matt with all my shoes on because Matts don't fit after i've put a few of mine on! My beautiful bike 'Belle' also sleeps in the hallway! Shes a 30 year old Raleigh Cameo bike with a wicker basket on her front! My dad bought her for me as an early Christmas gift as i really wanted a bike! She's the best!

I sleep far too much and i'm always trying to get into my jammys and jump in bed so i can snuggle up in these gorgeous Egyptian cotton sheets! We have strict sides of the bed! Matt's side has his Gonzo Muppet on it and mine has my Animal Muppet on it! My brother moved house recently and was going to throw away his Jim Morrison canvas so i snatched it up and put it above our bed! I love my bedroom!

It's so old fashioned and beautiful don't you think! I love my dressing table and my mirrors! But my chair.. oh my chair!!

Isn't it the best! My Mumma bought me the dressing table and the chair for £60 from a second hand furniture store in her town! I love just sitting in my chair and looking out the window, watching the world go by!

So yep a little insight to my home! I hope you liked it!!
Thanks for reading!!

Adorable Baby Pink Animal Bow

this is my 'Adorable Baby Pink Animal Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Baby pink polycotton bow with baby animal pattern ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

6.6cm (w)
4.8cm (h) point to point

Adorable Owl Bow

this is my 'Adorable Owl Bow'

Beautiful hand made bow! 
Cream owl cotton bow with glossy red ribbon detailing!!
Machine and hand-stitched! 
One of a kind!
Easy to use snap clip back. 
Hand washable!

7.9cm (w)
6cm (h) point to point

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