Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hey Guys..

Hey beautiful ones. Sorry i haven't been writing or posting pictures so much lately it's just a very stressful time for me right now and i've had no time! I want to make more bows and list the new ones i've made but i'm working so so much all i want to do on my days off is snuggle and watch movies! I am trying and i will work extra super hard to get them all listed soon i promise!!

I still have my giveaway running right now which still only has 3 people that have entered it! Madness i'm giving you a beautiful bow guys!!

Also i'm starting to think that i want to sell all of my bows out so i can have a constant rotation of new items but i need a nice way to entice people!! So i'm thinking maybe like 'buy two bows get one free' type of things? That would shift them! Because right now they're all over my living room furniture crying out to be loved!

I will get back into updating every day soon i swear but right now i'm just a little worked up over some things and very exhausted and just need cuddles!
I hope you like my new backround by the way, i'm a sucker for Willow patterns

Thanks for reading!

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