Thursday, 25 April 2013

Second Outfit Post!

Today i decided to do another outfit post.. because my cowboy boots came in the post this morning!!! YAAYY!!
I have never been more happy to have something delivered, they are the most comfortable shoes in the universe and i love them so much! luckily cowboy boots go with just about everything so i didn't need to change the outfit i was already wearing! here it all is!!!

Sunglasses - Primark
Dress - Primark
Butterfly Belt - Up The Junction vintage boutique
Boots - Ebay

Thank you for reading!!!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Loco for Cowboy Boots

Okay so i've been struggling to find some decent cowboy boots in such a long time and well.. in the space of 24 hours i've ended up buying two pairs off of ebay!!
My friend had to coerce me to understand how ebay works and how to bid properly to actually stand a chance of winning! So yes with that new found knowledge i got a little trigger happy and bought these!

The first pair i found are a bit worn but i love that, i would normally go out of my way to make them look as shabby as i can! Heres a picture...

and heres a picture of the second ones i bought

which are just a bit better.. condition wise anyway! 
I will literally never take these off except for alternating between them!
I just LOVE the way cowboy boots make you stand! Taller than any other shoe and so much more confident! Hopefully i can control my spending for this month.. haha!

Thank you for reading!!

Hello Lovely People!

I've just posted some collections on my etsy for the first time ever! So please go and have a look at them if you have a spare moment! I have dramatically lowered my prices with them selling most of the bows in the collection for just £1 ($1.52) 

Please go and have a look i have lots of different varieties for everyone's tastes!

thanks for reading!!

Hello Everyone

Sorry i haven't written on here in forever! I've been very snowed under with work and such but have just got 2 weeks off!! So i can use my blog as i rightfully should be!!
I haven't had time off of work properly since October last year so i'm gonna make the most of this!!

And to ensure that i'm fully back on form ill be adding a few new things to my shop and some collections that  are gonna be at lower prices! So look out for that!

Thanks for reading! I'm still here guys!!

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