Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Spent Last Night In Hospital! (beware beware my first ranty post)

So i won't post any pictures on this post for a reason that will become clear to you very soon.
Last night my supervisor at the cinema accidently shut my finger in a metal runner mechanism and it cracked open my fingernail and basically (without being too graphic) went up into my finger a little. It bled a lot and im so so shakey about blood so i was a bit of a wreck.
I was driven to hospital by a total sweetheart at work just to make sure it wasn't fractured or broken and my absolute dream of a boyfriend met us there and looked after me. He brought my favourite Muppet toy, cuddly blanket, favourite snacks, drink and books just because we knew it would be a long wait in hospital! But just over 2 hours later we were seen to and everything was fine, just need to be careful and keep it clean!

Now here is where my rant begins..

In the U.K and i assume most of my readers are from the U.S of A and thus won't have this or know very much about this, we have the NHS.
The NHS is the National Health Service which luckily gives United Kingdom residents free health care and extreme cuts on medicine prices.
I cannot stress how much i LOVE the NHS and everything they've done for my family. But no doubt when you go to Accident and Emergency in any local hospital here you will get nothing but COMPLAINTS! People in my town are so rude and so viscous at such a charitable organisation. People complain about everything. Waiting times, Cleanliness standards, uncomfortable chairs, staff and nurses. Literally i spent 2 hours waiting in a spotless room which was cleaned at least 4 times in the space of time i was sitting there. The chairs aren't luxury but we pay taxes for a reason to get this service (and the majority of the people waiting just looked liked they'd never paid in their life but thats another story for another time) and the chairs wont be the best quality because they're used so frequently by all of the unwell people of this town! Two hours is an average time to wait because it was 1am and they like never close, staff are on call all the time! The staff i saw were funny and lovely and charming and the nurse was patient and caring and so lovely.
I don't understand why people complain about free health care.. it's FREE HEALTH CARE! FREE HEALTH CARE DAMNIT FREE HEALTH CARE!

oh lord i'll rant for years i'll stop here
but please enlighten me about how you feel about this issue! How is it in america??? I can't even begin to imagine!

Thanks for reading!!
(this took so long to write due to my goofy finger haha!)


  1. We certainly don't have free health care. If we did, I'd be using it and sure as hell wouldn't be complaining about it! The last time I was in the emergency room, I had to wait 3 hours just for someone to clean all the blood off of me, and I PAID to be there. You still didn't hear me complaining about that! (BTW- Glad you are ok!)

  2. Fucking tell me about it!!! I can't stand people who moan about the NHS. The NHS is probably the best thing to come from English politics. Ever. If people want to complain they can pay for it.

  3. I cannot stand people who bad mouth the NHS, especially our local hospital. We also had to make a trip to A&E this week, my boyfriend was ill, and everyone, but especially the nurses, were wonderful. We were in and out of there, including blood tests and an x-ray, within three hours, and that was over the shift change.

    Anyway, I could easily go off on a rant here too, so I'm going to stop myself and just say I am glad that you are okay xo


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