Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A little thank you to some bloggers..

Since i've started my blog a lot of people have been kind enough to lend me a helping hand and i'm so greatful! So let me explain how thankful i am!


Daisy was the first beautiful person to convince me to get a blog so she's the reason i'm here basically! She's always there for me to help out if i need some help (because i'm terrible with computers) Shes the loveliest, kindest girl you can ever know and she's fucking mindblowingly talented. Going to college with her was both a delight and a nightmare, she would always draw the most beautiful things and make your things look like a pile of scribbles! She's fantastic and such a good friend!


Nikki is quite new to blogging but she is freaking amazing with a biro. I've literally never known anyone to make something so beautiful just straight from her pretty little head! She has a very unique and stunning style and drew a very cool picture of me recently; heres the picture!

isn't it just incredible! I wanna start collaborating together with her to make some bows from her designs so expect that in the future!
Nikki is so sweet and lovely and has been a huge help with my blog, she's really an amazing artist please take time to check out her work!!


Karen has been beyond my rock throughout this whole thing! She was the first person to reply to an email i sent out and has been so lovely and kind all the way along! She was the first person i sent bows to and she is unbelievably beautiful i just wanna squeeze her! Her blog is so addictive and i love reading everything she writes! Her etsy is stunning and she is such a genuinely kind, warm hearted person! Although she lives thousands of miles away from me i feel like shes been next to me the whole time i've been building up my baby business! I just love her!


Every time i look at her blog, even if i'm having the worst day, it will ALWAYS cheer me up! She is just the cutest, prettiest, loveliest person! She is so complimentary about my bows and is always willing to help me edge forward with my blog and shop! She's amazing and her blog is so adorable!! Please go follow her, she will light up even your darkest day!


I love reading Adrian's blog and she is so damn gorgeous! She has been amazingly kind enough to buy my bows also and i'm so thrilled because i am so in love with everything she wears, i can't quite believe she wanted to have something i'd made! Please go look at her blog she's amazing and her blog is addictive!!

There are definitely more people that have helped me out and are always commenting on my blog posts and giving me the boost i need to continue posting every day even when i'm exhauted!

The Adorable Anjali!

The Stunning Louise Amabilis (i just .. gawd shes beautiful isnt she)

I think that is everyone for now but don't chase me with torches and pitchforks if i'm forgotten you, you still all rock and blow my mind! Thank you everyone for being so kind and lovely to me! I love you all!!

thanks for reading 


  1. Those are all amazing bloggers, thanks for throwing me in there with them (and making me blush!) Just keep doing what you're doing hun you're on the right path! (and with good company it seems :)


  2. Aw thanks Bethany!! Thank YOU for being so creatively amazing!
    P.S I wore my bow the other day and got lots of comments! I directed them all in your direction!

  3. LOVE YOU BETH. New blog layout looks awesome! <3

  4. That is so sweet of you to say such nice things about me, Bethany! :) I've chatted with several of the ladies above and they're all so genuine! I'm wearing my bow on the blog today!! :)


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