Tuesday, 13 November 2012


or my living room at least!

So we've got my original bows and second and third generation of bows in the centre, its a tall pile. On the right we've got my fourth generation bows the larger ones as you can see! On top of the Beatles boxes we've got gift bows for my family and the Bouxwho bows.

On the left on top of the record player we have my new bows! These ones however aren't being listed online! Daisy (Bouxwho) Watson and I are going to be holding a little stall in my town of Rochester! Every Winter Rochester hosts a mini festival; Dickens Festival! This is because Charles Dickens (the wildly famous author) lived in Rochester for a long time and many locations in his books are actually based on places in Rochester!! How cool is that!

Anyway yeah every Winter Dickens festival happens and a fair few people dress up as Dickensian people and walk around the town basically up and down the highstreet taking pictures and being all old fashioned! Shops have stalls and there's lots of yummy food places to eat! They always have a snow machine and it's such a beautiful thing to experience!

So Daisy and I are setting up shop in my dads shop doorway and we're selling our products! I'm making 100+ bows to sell and Daisy is making Christmas Cards to sell with her illustrations on!!

I'm very excited about this and i'm sure we will take lots and lots of pictures on the day so you can see just how successful we were! 

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Wow! So many bows!!
    That's so exciting about the festival! As soon as I read it I thought "oooo! If it's near, I can go and see your stall!" but then I Google map-ed it...and it's a little too far away. My knowledge of England and it's places isn't very good yet...
    I hope it goes fantastically though, and you guys have a great time, and you sell lots of beautiful bows!!

    1. haha yeah you're very far away! I'll take lots of pictures though don't worry!! Thanks :D

  2. That's a lot of bows! I wish I could go to that festival. It sounds like so much fun!

    1. I wish you could come too! Daisy and I are gonna have so much fun! :D

  3. That sounds amazing! Bet you'll have a lot of fun selling items together.
    Had I lived in the same country I'd definitely come take a look;)

    Anyway, good luck with the final prep work!



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