Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I Am An Awful Blogger!

I feel just awful that i haven't posted anything in a days!! I've just been very busy with work yet again.. story of my life!

You see this week a rather large and exciting saga franchise released their final movie which has sold out most of our screens pretty much every day.. can you guess what it is?

Okay now i know it's not 'cool' to like the Twilight Saga but let's face it i'm not cool and i love it! There's something about it that just draws me in and i know the first movie was just awful but they get better! And this movie.. took my breath away!

It was literally everything that i wanted them to do with it and more! I won't tell you exactly what happens incase you haven't seen it and are going to but it's truly amazing! Such a perfect movie ending to a rather disappointing book ending.

I realise this isn't a Bow related thing but i'm up to my eyes in bows at the moment, making them for the festival which is just two weeks away! I've made around 60 new bows and i still have to make it up to 100, i will show you them all once they're made just be patient with me! I've not disappeared! I'm just snowed under a little bit!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. I'm really excited about the last Twilight film too, I'm really hoping it doesn't disappoint. Well done on all the bows! I'm always amazed at how productive you are xo

  2. I saw it and it was great! You're a bow-making machine too!


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