Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My First Outfit Post

Hey you beautiful things
Sorry i left you alone for so long i feel so negligent to my blog and my business. I know i posted saying that i was thinking of closing up shop but the beautiful Anjali bought some of my bows the exact same moment that i posted here and she really gave me a kick up the butt to carry on with this, because after all it is my baby. 

I thought i would bring myself back into blogger by doing my very first outfit post. The only hesitation that i had before with doing a post like this is because most of the clothing i own is from Primark. Which i guess is the European alternative to like Target or Best Buy or something that i've seen in a movie that i know nothing about. So i see all these beautiful outfit posts with really exotic designers and stuff and i'm well... embarrassed!! So here it is anyway and yes the majority is from Primark.. with some alterations.               



Dress: Primark
Plait Bracelet: Rochester Castle Gift Shop
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Doctors tote - Matalan
Coat: Military Coat - Asos
Bow - Those Bow Times (duh) 

I had fun doing this outfit post with the help of my handsome boyfriend taking pictures for me!
Hope you liked it!

Thanks for reading


  1. Your first outfit post is awesome!! I love that coat and you look beautiful!

    1. Thank you beautiful! I got the coat for Christmas from my Matt and it took such a long time to get here I treasure it so much!!! Aww thank you you're too sweet :) xxx

  2. Love it! That dress is absolutely gorgeous, who cares where it came from,
    I am so incredibly broke, all of the outfits I wear are either made by me or bought at a thrift store for $5 or less :) Your pictures look great as well, he did a good job!
    Lucky you, most of us have to rely on our tripod :/

    (pssst...Best Buy only sells electronics ;)

  3. See what I mean!! No clue about America! I'm so sheltered haha! Thanks though youre very sweet! Xxx

  4. Congratulations on your first outfit post! I love that coat, it's gorgeous. I actually prefer outfit posts that show off things I could actually afford, most of my posts are Primark and second hand clothes as well. Glad to hear you are feeling more positive, I really liked your other post of ways to wear your bows too, have been trying to think of new ways to wear mine :) xo

  5. I LOVE YOUR COAT!! It's awesome!! And love the dress too! I wish I could wear that colour!! Looks great! And beautiful photos! :D
    Glad to hear you're still rocking the shop!! I wear the bows nearly everyday, and always get comments! I even wrote down your Etsy site for someone about a week back!
    Keep being awesome!! :D


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