Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Les Miserables

Just come back from watching Les Miserables at work with my Matthew. I had wanted to see it so much after Matt had got me into it last summer. Part of me wanted to see if the actors could actually pull off the heartbreaking characters. In short? They did. 


Anne Hathaway played Fantine flawlessly! Her story is already so heartbreaking and known that if Hugh Jackman had played her i would probably have teared up. But alas Hathaway was stunning and perfect for the role. From the beginning she really played the different emotions the character plays well and her solo was breath taking. I had goosebumps all over me when she sang 'i dreamed a dream'. The heartbreak and desperation and depression on her face is so evident she didn't need to hit the power notes like tradition Fantines have had a tendency to do. She really stole the show and appearing back at the end really brought the whole film back together and had me spluttering away like a baby!

Jean Valjean

Hugh Jackman was amazing. His appearance transformations were just impossible to image and you can really understand why he was able to hide from Javert for so long during the plot, thanks to the costumers. His voice was really good to, obviously he had to carry the film mostly as he has a lot of solo songs and is in practically every duet. His voice was even operatic at times and i was really impressed with how he handled the vast genres that the show has in regards to the songs. His death scene was actually heartbreaking. I cried so much and all of my chest ached! He was incredible! 


Javert has always been a character that i couldn't really place. In the plays and stage shows i couldn't ever really accept his change in mind at the end of it all but Russell Crowe performed 'stars' really well and it really made you believe in his character and his own turmoil. His voice was definitely a bit shaky at times but essentially he was very good. He has one particular touching moment when he places his medal on the body of Gavroche, it really showed the sentimental side of him that you never see anywhere else in the film. 

Cosette and Marius

Baby cosette was adorable she was lovely and sweet and charming but the Seyfried cosette was to me, a bit drab. But she still sang well and played it well enough! Marius was very good even though his voice sagged at times his main solo was so tragic and made me cry again like a baby. They were very good together!


This little tike really stole the show. He was incredible and had such a strong little voice. He was perfect for the role and really tore the house down with his songs. If you go and see it at all go and see it for Gavroche. He puts up such a fight for what he believes in and really goes every last mile, sending himself out alone to try and help the boys back at the barricade. His death is heartbreaking once again though so do take tissues with you. 


Although i've seen her act Eponine before she really did bring the house down with her solo in the rain. She was incredible to watch and really tore my heart out singing after Marius. Her individual quiet struggles and her guilt for doing simple things to hold herself together really showed through and she deserves a thousand awards for it! Her death scene made me cry buckets and buckets, i wanted to just jump into the screen and save her myself. She was beautiful and her story was so tragic it would make anyone cry.. even my boyfriend!!!!

p.s LOOK AT THAT WAIST how in the world?!!?

Mr and Mrs Thenardier 

I LOVE Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen more than anything and they were really amazing as mr and mrs thenardier. Cohen was so unbelievably hilarious in even the most tragic of moments that he really brought up your spirits even though he was probably just robbing something. Carter was very good also even though i might suggest slightly sweeney todd if you ask me. I would have liked to see her be less cockney more french like Cohen did. They really resonate through the film and keep the cheeky side up along with their good humour and uplifting songs! I loved them very much!

So all in all there you have it a brief little explanation of how i felt about Les Miserables. You really must go and see it, please don't let the 3 hours put you off it's totally worth it and although there is in fact no dialogue, JUST singing its really better that way. I hope you watch it!!!!

Plus some of the scenes were filmed in my towns!! How cool is that! Many films have filmed in the dockyards not far from where we live! 

Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Veer - Bollywood blockbuster
The Bank Job - released 2007
Pierrepoint - released 2007
The Golden Compass - released 2007 (UK)
Amazing Grace - released 2007 (UK)
Children of Men - released 2006 (UK)
The World is Not Enough (James Bond) - released 1999 (UK)
The Mummy - released 1999 (UK)

And of course, LES MIS!!

where Hugh Jackman is standing i have walked with my very feet!

how neat is that!

Thanks for reading!!
love you xx

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  1. I haven't seen this yet! Although I don't really know the story (as I haven't seen any plays/productions of it), I still really want to see it.
    Great post, Bethany! It makes me want to see it even more now! :D


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