Saturday, 20 April 2013

Loco for Cowboy Boots

Okay so i've been struggling to find some decent cowboy boots in such a long time and well.. in the space of 24 hours i've ended up buying two pairs off of ebay!!
My friend had to coerce me to understand how ebay works and how to bid properly to actually stand a chance of winning! So yes with that new found knowledge i got a little trigger happy and bought these!

The first pair i found are a bit worn but i love that, i would normally go out of my way to make them look as shabby as i can! Heres a picture...

and heres a picture of the second ones i bought

which are just a bit better.. condition wise anyway! 
I will literally never take these off except for alternating between them!
I just LOVE the way cowboy boots make you stand! Taller than any other shoe and so much more confident! Hopefully i can control my spending for this month.. haha!

Thank you for reading!!

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